Well, we’ve spent 5+ days working at Hickman’s Harbour last month, and our work is far from done. Check out some of the debris we were able to remove!

135 tires, 33 car batteries,  5 crab traps, 8 fish pans, 200 ft of plastic sewer pipe, 12 fish pans of old bottles, 8 x 5 gallon buckets full of salt mackerel – EWW – 1 air compressor, 5 suits of rubber clothes, 2 outboard motor hoods, 1 outboard motor, 3 hammers, 1 rubber strap, 11 hydraulic hoses,1 set of blades for 55 hp motor, 1 battery charger, 1 depth sounder for long liner, one copper water intake, 7 copper pipes, 7 rubber buoys, 2 stainless sinks, one squid roller, 10 fan belts, 2 garden hoses, 4 spotlights, 2 tvs 2 propane stove, 1 radar 2 boat toilets, 2 sets of squid jiggers, 1 stainless heater, 1 jigsaw, 1 skillsaw 1 handsaw 6 frying pans, 1 large aluminum hood (about 80 lbs aluminum), 3 sheets weighing about 150 lb of aluminum, 2 propane tanks, 10 oil filters, 150ft of copper wire 1 stainless sorting table, 7 bags of misc plastics, 2 wooden lobster pots, 2 metal lobster pots, 1 bag of rope, 1 large metal toolbox, 3 sheets pf aluminum siding (4×12) 2 broom handles, and one car stereo. So far we’ve weighed in at 5100 kg on the dump scales, but there’s more to be hauled still.

The type of debris we are finding is a stark reminder that once upon a time, we treated the ocean as our dump. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. Well, those days are over – or they should be! – it is time to bring our harbours back to life.