Okay… Does anyone get as excited about boats as Shawn does? We don’t know the answer to that, but we’ve just checked in on our newest retrieval vessel and we have to admit she is looking FINE! With this addition to our small-but-mighty fleet, CHI will be able to remove a good 30% more plastic debris from our ocean and coastline.  BUT… (there’s always a “but”!) we still need to raise funds for her motor.

So… We are currently selling ad space (think NASCAR – but on the water) on her hull, which will give your business or cause some prime visibility and show that you care about ocean conservation.  And until we raise the $18,000 needed for the motor, we  are giving the naming rights for this boat* to whoever makes the largest donation OR purchases a 24″ x 72″ ad space (that’s right across her bow).

Interested? Email Shawn at cleanharboursnl@hotmail.com or call at 1(709) 683-7683.  

*Name and ad content subject to Shawn’s approval – we don’t want anything too rude or crude please!