From Hell or Clean Water:
Scott Yates, our gifted sound man had this to say about filming HOCW: “I grew up in rural Newfoundland next to the water. Having respect for the environment around me wasn’t something I was aware of as a young Newfoundlander. Years later though, after strolling onto many wharves around the island, I begin to notice how much garbage was on the bottom around those wharves. It seemed so wrong and unfixable.
Then along comes Shawn Bath, a single person that was doing something about this ocean trash. Becoming a part of Shawn’s journey by working on a film to document his journey was an honor.
Cleaning up the mess we’ve already made is a gigantic task, and I think Shawn will get rid of a lot of what’s on the bottom of our many bays and harbours. HELL OR CLEAN WATER though, will have its biggest impact by making more people aware of the issue and more importantly, convincing them not to be using our oceans as dumps.” – Scott Yates
Photo by: Chris Crockwell