Current cleaning efforts have been underway the last few days to help Rose Blanche.

(Photo via John Organ.) Photo taken in Rose Blanche shortly after Hurricane Fiona

Rose Blanche, one of many communities effected by hurricane Fiona, had sheds full of fishing gear washed into the ocean. Clean Harbours Initiative have been on site, when conditions allow, concentrating efforts into removing the gear and debris.

“Pretty much anything these guys were collecting in their sheds for the last hundred years.” Shawn explains
“It’s all sitting there (ocean floor) in a in a big pile, all tangled up in ropes and nets”

A huge pile of nets, traps and anything else the owners of these sheds were storing now sits in a tangled mass under water.

Amongst the tangle marine life has been found trapped, both alive and deceased. If left unchecked, many more animals will be left to suffer. Clean Harbours Initiative is working as quickly and safely as possible mitigate this issue.






Clean up is on going for this area. Updates to follow.