When Shawn and Staunene saw the devastation left behind on Newfoundland’s west coast after Hurricane Fiona, they knew they had to do something.  So they loaded up their trailers, boats, and an RV, and left home before dawn to make the 9 hour trek across Newfoundland to see how they could to help.  Gathering food and other donations along they way for residents, they arrived in Port aux Basques only to learn it wasn’t yet safe to enter that area.  So they turned to nearby Burnt Island to help with clean up efforts there.

From Shawn: “The devastation here is unreal. Normally we are removing just ocean trash, but these things belong to people, they are important, and even when we can return stuff they don’t even have any place to put it.”  Pieces of buildings, large sticks of wood, plastics, siding – Clean Harbours Initiative is helping to remove it before it gets washed out into the ocean becoming a huge navigational hazard and threat to marine life.

Thank you everyone for your support that helped to get us here!