Wow Wow Wow…. once again, our supporters have overwhelmed us with their generosity!  A while back we put out a plea for donations for a motor to get our newest vessel complete and out on the water… and thanks to the Pippy, Perry, and Noseworthy families – we now have a third marine debris / ghost gear collection vessel, which will allow us to remove 30% more plastic, nets, tires, and other things that should not be in our ocean!

And of course, we promised that the largest donor would have the opportunity to name this latest addition to CHI’s fleet – and so we now gratefully present to you – “Toddys”! With a beautiful Yamaha 200 HP motor that will keep us safe and seaworthy!

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you to the Pippy, Perry, and Noseworthy families, for this generous donation!