It’s never too cold to remove marine trash! On a chilly New Year’s day, we pulled out 72 tires, a motorcycle battery, and a 15 ft plastic chute and sewer pipe. Our biggest thanks to Trevor Croft and Andrew Scott for helping us out.  We’ve already removed 162 tires from here, and there’s still more work to be done.

We returned to Chance Cove on January 9 with even more help and community support: Thank you Greg and Taylor Radford and Justin LeGrow for pitching in!  Also thank you to Wade Smith of Smith’s Ambulance for being on standby in case emergency help was needed. We’d also like to thank Coffee Matters for providing soup and sandwiches to all our volunteers. We really appreciate everyone’s support!

On this dive, we removed 52 tires, 5 batteries, a toilet, and all kinds of assorted plastic trash: buckets, a fish pan, half a vacuum cleaner, about 30 ft of plastic hose, some old waterlines, empty bleach bottles, aluminum siding, hubcaps, vinyl siding, and some old codfish netting. What a haul!